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I'm seeing some unexpected things happening in the emulator.

When debugging and starting the app for the first time, the Application_Launching fires just fine. When clicking the start button, the Application_Deactivated event fires fine. When click the back button, the Application_Activated event fires fine.

If I click the start button then go to my apps and launch my app, no events are fired. I would assume either the Application_Launching or Application_Activated would fire when the app is launched every time, just a different event depending on how the app got there.

Is this an issue with the emulator or do I have the wrong assumptions here?

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Well, the events get fired right. What you missed is that debugger get dettached when you are launching "new instance" of your app. ;)

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Why does it work when the back button is pressed then, but not when the app is relaunched? –  Josh Close Mar 21 '11 at 1:41
I see it now. It stays attached when you hit the windows button and you're able to hit the back button and it still works. As soon as you open your app by relaunching a new instance, as you said, the debugger detaches at that time. Thanks! –  Josh Close Mar 21 '11 at 3:03

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