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I'm calling

$.get('/profile', {'data_id': 0}, null, 'script');

in my profile/index.html.haml when a specific event happens. This is suppose to load profile/index.js.erb while passing the json data. In my profile controller's index action, I have

@dataid = params[:data_id]
if @dataid == 0
  #do something, ie set variables that index.js.erb needs
  #do something else

However, the if statement doesn't seem to work so because of that I believe my js.erb file is not loading right (doesn't load at all).

However if I do if !dataid.nil? instead of == 0 (or some other value), it works like before putting in the if statement/js.erb works so it must be getting that dataid is some value...

Also if I don't use the if statement, and in my js.erb I do dataid = <%= raw @dataid %>; alert(dataid);, everything loads fine and the alert is correct--dataid is 0. So why is it it seems like the controller that sets the raw @dataid in the first place doesn't know what @dataid's value is? I'm very confused...

The main purpose was to not do everything in the controller unless needed (as specified by data_id). Also this way I thought I'd be able to do the same in my js.erb--only run the sections that I need based on this parameter.

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Perhaps the value is "0" not 0. – Andrew Marshall Mar 20 '11 at 21:45

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Everything that comes via HTTP will arrive as a string. If you compare with "0", it will most likely compare equal. Try this in your controller code:

Rails.logger.debug "All params are:\n#{params.inspect}"
Rails.logger.debug "I got params[:data_id] = '#{@dataid}'"
Rails.logger.debug "The type is: #{@dataid.class}"
Rails.logger.debug "Comparison yields: #{@dataid == 0}"

Then watch the logs. You'll see what I'm talking about.

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