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can anyone tell me how to redirect to a module using another port? example: redirect from http://localhost:9000 to https://localhost:9443/login

without changing ports, i'd just use @{Secure.login()} in the controller but i couldn't find any way to redirect to another port..?

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The way you are meant to do this, for your example, is to the .secure() method. It was added in Play

So it would look like


This is a special method on the router object that changes the URL from HTTP to HTTPS. The last time I checked though, it didn't change the port. I raised a bug, but not sure if it is not fixed in the 1.2 master branch yet (

The reason for this, is that play expects an HTTP server to sit infront of Play in a production environment, and handles HTTPS for you, and proxies through to Play as a simple HTTP request. The purpose of the .secure() is to tell the URL to switch to HTTPS, but still go through the same domain.

I don't think there are many alternatives (and none that are nice and simple).

  • You could take the Play source, and altering the file, so that it also changes the port number (in the secure method).

  • Or, you could write a FastTag that mimics the Router.reverse (effectively what the @ symbol does), but replace the port number with a secure one.

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version of play is (just to prevent people from searching for 1.3.2 which doesn't exist yet ;);)) – mandubian Mar 21 '11 at 9:57

As codemwnci explained, in prod, generally Play is behind a front proxy that manages all secured channel issues and which can also be used for balancing.
The @{Secure.login().secure()} should work but it only changes http to https.
In addition, I would add the dumb cludge that can be used in a Controller:



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I would argue that this answers the question better, because I actually came here looking for this, but my problem is not related to security. The accepted answer answers the question the asker meant to ask, but not the one they actually asked. – T.W.R. Cole Oct 16 '14 at 15:01

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