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I have to load several functions that return structures from the library itself.

attach_function 'fn_name', [], # ... What do I put here?

RubyFFI's Wiki pages seem to be outdated, so I'm a little lost here.

How do I create a FFI::Struct, and how do I specify it as the return type of a native function?

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class SOME_STRUCT < FFI::Struct 
    layout :a, :float, 
           :b, :float

and then

attach_function 'fn_name', [], SOME_STRUCT

and if it stack-allocated struct:

typedef struct
    float a, b; 

you should use this:

attach_function 'fn_name', [], SOME_STRUCT.by_value
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As of ffi-1.0 (and JRuby 1.6.0), use SOME_STRUCT.by_ref as the return type if the function returns a reference to a struct - when you just use SOME_STRUCT, you get back a FFI::Pointer instead of an instance of SOME_STRUCT. You can also use the shorthand SOME_STRUCT.ptr, and SOME_STRUCT.val - whichever floats your boat. –  user186057 Mar 23 '11 at 4:09

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