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I have the following Rails models:


ad belongs to category

When I perform a search for an advert only the adverts title is searched for a match, I want to be able to find out how many ads in the result set belong to each category so that I can then generate a list of category names showing how many matching ads there are in each.

I have no idea how to extract the category names & number of ads within each category from the sphinx result set, can you help?

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The best approach for getting a summary of the number of ads per category would be to add an attribute of the category_id to your Ad index definition, and flag it as a facet as well.

has category_id, :facet => true

Then, after running rake ts:rebuild so Sphinx is aware of your changes, run a facet search:

Ad.facets[:category_id] # => {1 => 10, 2 => 4}

The extra step that you'll need to do yourself is to translate each category id (the keys of the resulting hash) into a Category model/name.

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