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Hello everyone please help me out regarding this this piece of code

$user = new User();
$result = array('name'=>$name,'age'=>$age,'pno'=>$pno);

I want to coustomize these line of code

$result = array('name'=>$name,'age'=>$age,'pno'=>$pno);

I mean like this

$result = array('$_POST['name']'=>$name,'$_POST['age']'=>$age,'$_POST['pno']'=>$pno);

but i am unable to put '' properly please help me out regarding this and a small simple hints about qoutes. Thanks

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$result = array($_POST['name']=>$name,$_POST['age']=>$age,$_POST['pno']=>$pno);

The reason why your code was failing was because you are trying to interpolate $_POST['name'] in a string with single quotes, which will fail because $_POST['name'] also contains single quotes(this will raise a Parse error).

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Thanks It worked –  user667340 Mar 21 '11 at 1:16

You're breaking up the string with the nested quotes. Use "..." in stead, like this:

$result = array('$_POST["name"]'=>$name, '$_POST["age"]'=>$age,'$_POST["pno"]'=>$pno);

That said, personally I'd go for more descriptive and less cluttered field names, like "name", "age", etc...

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Thanks It worked –  user667340 Mar 21 '11 at 1:15
$result = array(
    'name' => $_POST['name'],
    'age' => $_POST['age'],
    'pno' => $_POST['pno']
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Thanks It worked –  user667340 Mar 21 '11 at 1:26
$result = array($_POST['name']=>$name, $_POST['age']=>$age, $_POST['pno']=>$pno);

That should be work however your array key index will be mixed with number and string, plus your code doesn't work because you use " ' " witch will interpret $_POST['age'] as a string if it work, double quote can understand variable inside it.

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If you really want the whole variable name as the key for each of the results variable you could but why?

$results['$_POST["name"]'] = $name;
$results['$_POST["age"]'] = $age;
$results['$_POST["pno"]'] = $pno;
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