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I am trying to run up an app in release mode on my Nokia N8. When it builds the phones asks me if i want to install it. i press yes and install it to the mass memory. This happens with out a hitch. Then it asks me to install Qjson.sis i choose the same mass memory drive and then it starts to install. This is when i get a message that reads "Update Error" this happens when i install it to both the mass memory and the system memory. Any suggestions? im running win7 with the latest qt creator. The N8 is running PR1.0 not the newer PR1.1

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The most likely answer is that the QJSON executable (.dll) is already installed on the device, but under a different package and/or UID. Best way to get around this is to re-build QJSON with a different UID, and ensure the new UID is appended to the executable name (e.g. qjson_0x20030000.dll). In this way you can avoid update errors.

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