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I am having web services in my .Net web application. I am also using the unit testing framework in visual studio for unit testing these web services.

Is there a way in which i can load test these web services using the test methods i have created or is there some other way i can load test them.

thanks in advance.

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Visual Studio has a load testing component that can utilize unit tests. I'm not sure of the cost - I think it is included with the ultimate edition and/or the team test editions of VS. If that is out of your budget, search for "web load testing software" - you'll find a variety of testing tools that can help you. Most of them can handle web services.

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You can use the LoadUI tool and it can be integrated with the SOAPUI tool as well.

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For WCF web service you can use the Web Performance Test from VS2010, maybe this would help: http://zoraradosavlevici.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/how-to-test-wcf-asmx-web-services/

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