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I have a class Employee with three class members: id, isVisible, sectionId.

I want to query in HQL:

  1. If a certain section has any Employees at all
  2. If so - are all the employees within that section hidden.

Now I am doing something like:

SELECT count(, count(nullif(e.isVisible,0)) 
        from Employee e where sectionId = :sectionId

But counting is not so efficient because it requires a full table scan, and I don't need the number counted.

I can do two queries instead.

Query the section for employees by running a simple select and limiting the number of results to a single result:

SELECT from Employee e where sectionId = :sectionId

And if a result is returned, query for the first employee in the section that is visible:

SELECT from Employee e where visible = 1 and sectionId = :sectionId

My question is: Can I do both checks in a single query?

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How will you distinguish results if condition will be: 1. true, false 2. false, false Does FALSE for both meet your expectations? – Madman Mar 22 '11 at 21:10

Since you are only interested in getting one row from each query you can full outer join them to get a single row back with two columns. You will need to alias Employee to E1 and E2.

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