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I've got nvarchar(max) column with different values alike 'A2'

And another column from another table with values alike '(A2 AND A3) OR A4'

I need to detect does string from second column contains string from first column.

So then I need to select all columns of second table which contains an string from first column of first table.

something alike ... but that is wrong

WHERE (SELECT T1.StringCol FROM T1) IN T2.StringCol

but I more understand it like it (in f# syntax)

for t1.date, t1.StringCol from t1
 for t2.StringCol from t2
  if t2.StringCol.Contains( t1.StringCol )
    yield t2.StringCol, t1.date
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This should get what you want...

select t2.*
from t1 cross join t2
where patindex('%' + t1.StringCol + '%', t2.StringCol) > 0
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