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I've a class Employee which has a filter defined on. The filter filters all employees with a salary less than 1000.

I also have an EmployeePhoneNumber class. An employee may have many EmployeePhoneNumbers but each EmployeePhoneNumber is connected to a single employee. (many-to-one)

When I enable the filter and query for employees:

SELECT employee from Employee employee.

The filter works fine, and only appropriate employees with a salary more than 1000 are returned.

When I query for the inner-join between employee and employees:

SELECT employeePhoneNumber.id, employee.id from EmployeePhoneNumber employeePhoneNumber inner join employeePhoneNumber.employee employee

The filter doesn't work, and I get phone numbers from employees with a salary less than 1000.

How can I solve it (still using filters and joins)? I know I can do this adding a subslect to my query (checking that employee is in Employees will add the necassary filter), but it's less efficient.

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What happens if you reformulate your query to target the Employeetable like this: from employee as e left join EmployeePhoneNumber as pn? –  Thomas Mar 21 '11 at 7:53
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A solution would be to create a similar filter in employeePhoneNumber like this:

    condition="((select e.salary from Employee e where e.id = employeeId) < salaryParameter)" 
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