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I'm looking for a way to combinate the MarkerClusterer from google-maps-utility-library-v3 with the Infobubbles. My idea is to show the Infobubbles only when the icon is unclusted (visible). And maybe see a summary for each clustericon with Infobubbles. Unfortunately I didn't find any possibility to control that Infobubbles is only visible after the unclustering. Maybe someone has an idea or an approach how to achieve this?

Thank you


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If you listen to the 'clusterclick' event on the MarkerClusterer you will receive the cluster that is clicked in the callback. From that cluster you can call:

getSize, getMarkers, getCenter and getBounds.

With that info you can then open a InfoBubble at with the result of getCenter() and you and display the content that you want.

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Also check this post for additional examples on how to combine infobubble with the markerclusterer

google maps api v3 + infoBubble in markerClusterer

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