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I am trying to create a clojure macro that converts an entered symbol to a string. However, when I do this:

(defmacro convert-to-string [something]
  `(call-converted "~something")

(macroexpand '(convert-to-string convert-this))

: I get :

(call-converted "~something")

: instead of :

(call-converted "~convert-this")

: does anyone show me how I could do this?

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Are you sure this needs to be a macro? – spacemanaki Mar 21 '11 at 12:21
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You might consider using keywords (or quoted symbols) and a function, rather than a macro:

(defn convert-to-string [x] (call-converted (name x)))
(convert-to-string :foo)
(convert-to-string 'foo)

If you really want a macro:

(defmacro convert-to-string [x] `(call-converted ~(name x)))
(macroexpand-1 '(convert-to-string foo))
=> (user/call-converted "foo")
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I am in no way an expert on macros, but would this solve your problem:

(defmacro to-str [expr] (str expr))
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I must be doing something wrong as this gives an error when I run it with: (defmacro to-str [expr] (str expr)) (macroexpand '(to-str something)) as this returns something (without the quotes) instead of "something" (with quotes) – Zubair Mar 21 '11 at 14:52

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