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I'm trying to do a basic insert statement using a parameterized query. My problem is whatever the syntax I'm using it seems like the query is being done with all parameters set to null instead of their appropriate values (unless I hard-code the value in the command text).

Here is the code :

m_Command.CommandText = "INSERT INTO " + s_TracesTabelName + " (DateTimeTraceCreated,
Span, CenterFrequency, Data, DateTimeTestStarted) VALUES (@traceTime, @Span, 
@CenterFrequency, @Data, @testTime)";

//just trying another syntax
MySqlParameter param = m_Command.CreateParameter();
param.MySqlDbType = MySqlDbType.Datetime;
param.ParameterName = "@traceTime";
param.Value = trace.TimeCreated;

//m_Command.Parameters["@traceTime"].Value = trace.TimeCreated;
m_Command.Parameters.Add("@Span", trace.Span);
m_Command.Parameters.Add("@CenterFrequency", trace.CenterFrequency);
m_Command.Parameters.Add("@Data", data);
m_Command.Parameters.Add("@testTime", testStarted);

        catch(Exception e)
            Console.WriteLine("Error Connecting to Database\n");

The three different syntaxes lead me to null parameters' value.

ps : I've seen many people using command.Parameters.AddWithValue() method, but I seem to just don't have it.

Kind regards, Ben

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Have you tried hard-coding the values instead of using parameters, if yes, is it working? –  ta-run Mar 21 '11 at 10:33

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Could be your version of mysql ADO provider? C# MySqlParameter problem

Try with ? instead of @

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Thanks that made the work ! –  Ben Mar 21 '11 at 10:52

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