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I want to learn about the Cocos2d and I have read more the 3 tutorials on Cocos2D but still I don't have any clearcut idea that how to install Cocos2D on MAC. If somebody knows the proper installation steps of Coco2D, than please give me so that i could start with Cocos2D.

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Try following Ray Wenderlich's tutorial:

You'll find you need to visit a URL like to get the source, then unzip it wherever you like. Then, as Wenderlich says, you 'Open up a Terminal window to the directory you downloaded Cocos2D to, and enter the following command: ./'.

That's the installation process. When you open XCode, you'll see some new templates to create projects from. The rest of Wenderlich's tutorial shows you how to create a simple Cocos2D game.

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