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I need to export all the files from SVN within a particular Date Range. I have two questions regarding that.

  1. How do I run the "svn" command? There are lot of sites which provided help on how to get the files in that range.(For example How do I obtain a list of files that changed from svn over a date range?) But I couldn't find how to run "svn" command
  2. When exporting the files withing a date range, is it possible to maintain the folder structure?
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A bit of Unix-like scripting should help:

  • I would first run an svn export command to get all the files (or just use your working copy).
  • Then I would use svn diff to get the list of files to keep, as explained in the post you refer to.
  • Then, using this list and the xargs command, copy all the files in the range to another location...
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