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Hey,I have a very Basic doubt. Suppose I write a java program and i want to run it in HADOOP,then 1.where should the file be saved? to access it from hadoop? 3.should i be calling it by the following command? hadoop classname 4.what is the command in hadoop to execute the java file? could you please answer my questions and help me out with the same?

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You already asked this question ( Asking it again won't help. – skaffman Mar 21 '11 at 11:00

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i) You can put your java jar on a hadoop client machine that can talk to your hadoop cluster or run a map-reduce job. In map-reduce job, your java jar can go in distributed cache or a location on hdfs.

ii) The command hadoop jar <> again can be run form the hadoop client or on actual data-node when map-reduce job runs.

iii) sample command is:

hadoop --config jar -conf <> -input

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