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I am a new user in StackOverflow. I am developing a tool.

My problem is that I am trying get tweets published from Delicious ("X minutes ago via Delicious").

In Twitter API Documentation (, I can see:

Originating from an application:

I am copy & paste "" in web navigator. The example from Twitter API don't work!!! :S

However, I am trying others search applications, and WORK:

But when I try to search for Delicious, don't work:

Why? I am try next, and don't work:

Exists solution to

I am try to access to Twitter API IRC, but don't work... :S

Thank you very much, and I sorry my bad English. Regards! :)

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With landing+source:Delicious there are no search results because there frankly aren't any recent tweets containing "landing" that were tweeted using Delicious.

The other source applications contain results because people have been tweeting "landing" using other apps, as you've noted.

But source:Delicious does work; try searching for other terms, like food+source:Delicious or happy+source:Delicious and you should see results.

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Ohh, thank you! :) And... do you know some method for get all tweets from Delicious, because only "source:Delicious" don't work... :S In Twitter API documentation don't found info: Thank you very much! – idieguez Mar 22 '11 at 7:58

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