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I have created a simple grid which shows different images with an edit option. The user selects the drop down to view png or jpg images. If jpg is selected, the user is redirected to a Silverlight application to edit the image. When the user goes back to the default page, the png option is selected by default. I would want that the selection of jpg is remembered.

How can we maintain the state of the application, so that when the user goes back, the selected image type is remembered and the grid shows the data of the selected type? It is in asp.net C#

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you can pass in the rowindex and dropdown selection as parameters of querystring to and fro –  V4Vendetta Mar 21 '11 at 11:26
add rowindex to session and when go back read from session. –  4111 Mar 21 '11 at 11:32
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You can store it in session:

Session["ImageSelector"] = cbImageSelector.SelectedIndex

And in Page_Load, when !Page.IsPostback, check:

object key = Session["ImageSelector"];
if (key != null)
    this.cbImageSelector.SelectedIndex = (int)key;

You could also use a cookie too, via Response.Cookies and get it via Request.Cookies.


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