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Can someone help me to find web-page or resource where can I see what permissions does each zone have?:

Internet Zone My Computer and others.

before .net 4.0 I was able to see them in .net configuration tool, but it is not included in .net 4.0 and I cannot find it in v2.0 folder too. exampele: in .net configuration tool there was window where I was able to see that: Internet Zone permissions: File Dialogs, Printing, etc... please reply.

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Security in .NET 4.0 has been completely redesigned. There are sever articles on the MSDN on this, a good starting point is here and here

This MSDN article also gives an overview of security on .NET 4.0

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Well I couldn't find a full list, however you should be able to still use the configuration utility after installing the .NET 2.0 SDK (…) – Strillo Mar 23 '12 at 13:20
Here, have a bounty. It turned out, however, that this question was not really about what I thought it was when I decided to boost it. If you like, could you have a look at my attempt to ask the right question instead? – Henning Makholm Mar 28 '12 at 14:02

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