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I have a program as mentioned below:

use DBI;
use Proc::Daemon;

my $continue = 1; $SIG{TERM} = sub { $continue = 0 };
while ($continue) {

        my $db=DBI->connect('DBI:mysql:xx;user=root;password=xxx');
        my $sth=$db->prepare("select * from  cpu_mem_calls ");
         while (my @row=$sth->fetchrow_array()){

                 my $db_test=DBI->connect('DBI:mysql:xx;user=root;password=xxx');
                         my $sth=$db->prepare("insert into  cpu_mem_calls values ($x,$y,'2011-03-21 17:19:00')");


I can insert values into database when I use Proc::Daemon::Init module + DBI but when I want to select some values from database it won't work. It won't return any value. What is the real issue in this? Does DBI have any issue in running with Proc::Daemon::Init?

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I have resolved the issue...I was trying to read some IP's from a file...as its a daemon it cannot read from the file..I put all the things in an array and everything started working fine

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