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I have an existing web service (ASMX) which exposes a service FooService with a method called SelectPaged. This method returns a PagedList<FooDTO>. In ASMX this is converted to a PagedListOfFooDTO and that works fine.

However now I have moved to WCF (in fact exposing both ASMX and WCF) and my PagedListOfFooDTO is getting corrupted somewhere. If I add a wcf service reference and an asmx web reference to a client app and look at the service proxy in the client through the object browser, I see asmx has proxied a type called PagedListOfFooDTO. But doing the same thing for the WCF proxy in the object browser shows a type called PagedListOfxhHzuSy2. Something is obviously going wrong when WCF is creating the proxy for this collection type. Has anyone seen this behaviour before. FooDTO is decorated with [DataContract] and [DataMember] appropriately.

Many thanks

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You should have a look there :

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This is the fix. The corruption is a hash 'by design'. Setting a name for the type resolves the issue. Detail is in Vivien's link. Many thanks. – Simon Rigby Mar 21 '11 at 13:16

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