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I am in search for jquery timeline plugin with years on the horizontal axis.

I have seen one in the past. I am not able to find it. Did search for jquery timeline plugins.

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Are you sure it wasn't just a jqueryUI scroller? –  Lightness Races in Orbit Mar 21 '11 at 12:39

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Here are 2 that I had stored in my bookmarks. They aren't jquery plugins, but they could be adapted to be jquery plugins. Eric Meyer's structured timeline and timeplot. I also found this service called Tiki-Toki which offers timelines as a web service.

Or you could just use something like HighCharts if that will work for your situation.

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Have a look at this http://timeline.verite.co/. Its real good. Plus you could have JSON or Google Spreadsheets as data sources.

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Maybe you saw this tutorial? This is a demo of it in action: Google 10 year timeline.

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There’s jQuery Timelinr, if you need only years.

For more data, esp. scientific use, have a look at Timeglider or SIMILE Timeline (without jQuery).

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TimeGlider may be useful, and free for non-commercial use.

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Two more:

Advanced Event Timeline With PHP, CSS & jQuery at Tutorialzine

Dipity, to create your timeline online

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I developed a simple jQuery plugin for this purpose, although it displays the years (or century or decade--anything of your choosing) on the vertical axis. See http://www.technotarek.com/timeliner/ and http://www.technotarek.com/timeliner/timeliner.html

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A great timeline control that I have been using recently is the CHAP Almende Timeline. It is simple on the surface and to use, but offers plenty of customisability. Seems fairly lightweight, and is able to handle large amounts of events on most browsers (for some reason some browsers choke a bit on large data sets when you zoom out too far). This works quite nicely on tablet touch screens too, if that is useful to you.

CHAP Almende timeline is also regularly updated by Jos de Jong at https://github.com/almende/chap-links-library and he is pretty quick to address any issues.

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For anyone that will end up on this post, like me, on its search to jquery timeline plugins, (although it is an old question):





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I made this one, but this is just for navigation, I'm not sure what's the use case of the timeline you're looking for:

jQuery-Timeline Plugin

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http://timeline.verite.co/ is good time Line JS

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You can try this enhanced jquery timelinr, it integrated jquery timelinr, cufon and animate.css. Good for simple timeline show.

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Check this out for various Timeline JavaScript libraries: http://functionn.blogspot.com/search/label/timelines#.ULj4aU_Mjs4

Alternatively, I would recommend you using:


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