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I'm simply adding to a set of rules on existing rewrite rules for our company website. We have a file that we need to restrict to only our internal IP addresses. The URL is and need it restricted to IP ranges 10.1.X.X. I'm adding this and it's not doing anything. Even if I tried to capture all using .* for the pattern, it still ignores it. Is my syntax correct? Thanks.

        <rule name="Restrict URL" enabled="true" stopProcessing="true">
             <match url="internal/index\.aspx" />
                  <add input="{REMOTE_ADDR}" pattern="^10\.1\.\d+\.\d+$" negate="true" />
             <action type="AbortRequest" />
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I resolved this myself. I ended up using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR as the header, due to our hosting provider.

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