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I have a couple of models in a Rails (2.3.11) application that are built using STI, and arranged as such:

Gallery::Base < ActiveRecord::Base (indexed for SOLR)

Gallery::Local < Gallery::Base (indexed for SOLR)

Gallery::Remote < Gallery::Base (not indexed)

I am finding disparate results regarding the indexing of these models. In my current development database I have 77 Gallery::Local objects and no Gallery::Remote objects (which also means there are 77 Gallery::Base objects in the db)

The problem is that either Sunspot.search(Gallery::Base) as well as Sunspot.search(Gallery::Local) returns a single hit.

Now for the stranger part: on a colleague's computer using the production database (with hundreds of Gallery::Local objects), no hit whatsoever is returned from either Sunspot.search(Gallery::Base) or Sunspot.search(Gallery::Local)!

On a side note, I have tried having the index on both Gallery::Base and Gallery::Local, and in each one separately and reindexing, with the same results. I also have a number of other indexed models for which the full text search works as intended.

Anyone have any idea as what's causing this?

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Are you using thinkingsphinx or something like this? If not, can you show us search method? –  tjeden Mar 21 '11 at 15:34
Actually I just found out what the problem was. The rake task sunspot:reindex only reindexes models directly under app/models. As our Gallery models are namespaced (inside app/models/gallery), they were simply ignored. Calling Gallery::Base.reindex solved the problem :/ –  jgradim Mar 21 '11 at 17:01
Also, forgot to tell we're using Sunspot / SOLR instead of ThinkingSphinx / Sphinx –  jgradim Mar 21 '11 at 17:51

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Actually found out what the problem was. If anyone's interested, the sunspot:reindex task does not contemplate namespaced and 'moduled' models.

Check out this pull request on github for a fix (go to the Diff section).

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getting 404 error –  Meliborn Jun 30 '14 at 9:33
@Meliborn I have edited the answer, the pull request link is now working (the url was from an old github username) –  Cec Sep 12 '14 at 12:36

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