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Easy question: what is the easiest way to execute an external program (with parameters) from C++ (using g++ and Linux)? Is there an easier way rather than doing fork/exec and waiting? I just need to execute the command and wait for it to finish.

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Kind of depends on how much you want to interact with the program.

If not at all, you can easily just use system("....");

If you want some I/O then you can use popen();

And if even that is not enough, you will end up will fork(), exec(), wait(), dup() and other functions from this family.

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The system() function:


int main (void)
        system("ls /home");
        return 0;
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I have learnt to use screen command a lot, especially for long running scripts. It may be bit of an overkill for you, but it should definitely do the job in this case.

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I am extremely disappointed with this answer. It's not even remotely close. If I could down vote, I would do it until my mouse started to bleed. –  zackery.fix Feb 24 '12 at 14:33

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