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I am using Vim to edit/compile individual cpp files (makepgr=g++\ -g\ %) and want to execute the resulting binaries ideally using a shortkey like F6. The desired behavior is then, to open a new window similar to :cwindow with a fixed maximal height (say 20 lines), which contains the program output. I also want to be able to close this window again with another shortkey like F7.

As a bonus, it would be great to have the execution time of the program shown in the windows title/status.

EDIT: the binaries I am talking about are non-interactive! They mostly read some input files, do data manipulation, write their results to other files and have some output while doing so.

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This little script should do the trick:

let s:title="ProgramOutput"

function! Open_output_window()
    let winnr = bufwinnr(s:title)
    if winnr != -1
        exe winnr . 'wincmd w'

    let bufnr = bufnr(s:title)
    if(bufnr == -1)
        let wcmd = s:title
        let wcmd = '+buffer' . bufnr

    exe 'silent! botright vertical 80 split ' .wcmd

    silent! setlocal buftype=nofile
    silent! setlocal noswapfile
    silent! setlocal nobuflisted

function! Close_output_window()
    let winnr = bufwinnr(s:title)
    if winnr != -1
        exe winnr . 'wincmd w'

nmap <F6> <ESC>:call Open_output_window()<CR>:r ! %:r.exe<CR>
nmap <F5> <ESC>:call Close_output_window()<CR>

Most of this code came from the taglist.vim plugin - it's reasonably simple to understand. You can modify the split command for your window size preferences.

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Perfect, thanks! One tiny things though: how can i flush the buffer/window before execution of the binary (so that hitting F6 multiple times gives only one output) – dcn Mar 30 '11 at 17:59
Changing the nmap to nmap <F6> <ESC>:call Open_output_window()<CR>ggdG:r ! %:r.exe<CR> would do the trick. – PDug Mar 30 '11 at 20:34

I'm not sure if this is helpful in any way, since you're asking about vim:

My first thought about how to solve this problem would be usage of GNU screen. Reason is not, that vim isn't capable of doing this, but that vim isn't exactly usable as terminal emulator, so running some interactive programs doesn't work. Plus screen is relatively easy to configure.

I would of course write a specialized screen config for that task.

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Surely this is a possibility that works. However switching between vim and some other program/console - even in screen - is what I hoped to avoid. – dcn Mar 21 '11 at 17:42

Add to the vimrc:

 map <F6> :tabnew<CR>:.!ls -la<CR>

Open vim and press F6. You should see in the new tab with the output of the command ls -la. Now, if this works for you then you can change it (replace myprog with the name of your executable):

 map <F6> :tabnew<CR>:.!./myprog<CR>

You can even give name to this tab:

 map <F6> :tabnew myprog<CR>:.!./myprog<CR>

Do not like tabs? Replace tabnew with split or vsplit wich allows to split window horizontally or vertically. Want splitted window to be small? Use

 map <F6> :5split myprog<CR>:.!./myprog<CR>

Replace 5 with any other number you likes. Also add

 map <F7> :tabclose<CR>

to get ability to close the tab by pressing F7.

P.S. You can replace hard-coded myprog name with expand("%:r").".exe" (for Windows) or just expand("%:r") (for *nix) as already been said.

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This is a good start. When I run F6 according to you description it will always open a new window rather than refresh the old one. Can this be fixed? Also: what would be the F7 alternative for the 'split' case? – dcn Mar 30 '11 at 17:40

You could redirect the input into the quickfix window (similar to how :make works):
:cex system(expand("%:r").".exe")

You can navigate through quickfix history using :colder and :cnewer

I realise this isn't exactly what you were looking for, but hopefully it's near enough to be useful.

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Is it possible to have similar to the quickfix window other "named" windows which I can redirect output to? – dcn Mar 28 '11 at 19:36

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