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I'm loading content into a series of divs using $.load(), and it works fine in firefox and chrome. In IE7 the page isn't redrawn after the content is loaded, so most of the content is cropped. I've read a number of related posts but none of them contains a fix for me. The js, slightly simplified:


The pages loaded are coldfusion templates and the markup they contain has nothing odd about it (the page itself has transitional doctype). The html with placeholder divs:

<div id="zoomedInLinks" class="hasContent"></div>
<div id="zoomedInContent" class="hasContent"></div>

css, added after reading about a couple of possible fixes :

.hasContent {
  zoom: 1;
  height: auto;
  overflow: auto;

I've tried altering the css before using load, and using $.get() and innerHTML instead, none of which helps. Any ideas? Ta.

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2 Answers

Which way are you expecting them to expand?

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They should expand vertically. –  jaybee Mar 21 '11 at 14:07
Uh huh...question, have you tried checking the parent's height/overflow values? Even the body? –  mattsven Mar 21 '11 at 14:11
The height and overflow values weren't set on the parent but setting them didn't help. I will try setting them on every parent up to the body. –  jaybee Mar 21 '11 at 14:22
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A friend of mine finally found the answer to this -- jQuery was inserting a style in IE 6 and 7 that set a fixed width on one of the container divs holding the content for some reason. Overriding that fixed the problem.

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