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I have an application running on IBM Websphere 6.1. This application must use SSL to communicate with other similar applications used by other (external) entities. I believe I am the only member of this group that is using Websphere. A certificate issuer that others in my group trust, has issued me a '.pem' file. How do I incorporate that into Websphere?

I have tried using ikeyman to open the keystore and truststore used by Websphere for this application but I cannot figure out how to import the .pem file.

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you need to incapsulate your pem to pkcs#12 format (use openssl) and then add p12 container to WS configuration.

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The correct approach is to follow the instructions from this technote: How to transform PEM and PFX keystore in Public Key Cryptography Standard #12 (PKCS12) keystore.

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