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I'm trying to add a facebook "like" button to my page, and it is appearing just fine. My problem is that once it is clicked by a user, it says "Like NUMBER" then resets as if the request was canceled or something.

The weird thing is that if I try to like a page using my facebook account it works, but I tried letting a friend like some content and this behavior appeared.

I created a facebook app, specified the site url with a trailing slash, and site domain. I used the app ID with FB.init, and with the open graph tags. I can't figure what I'm doing wrong here. Any help would be appreciated.

Sample page can be found at:

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It's working just fine for me. Maybe it's a browser caching issue?! – ifaour Mar 21 '11 at 23:15
@ifaour: After asking the question, I let other friends try it, and its working just fine for everybody except that friend that I mentioned earlier. He tried different browsers/machines, yet it just won't work for him. I can live with this situation, but would like to know what's going on, any thoughts? – Faisal Mar 22 '11 at 8:34
That's weird. Is he trying from a limited access connection? like from his office where maybe Facebook is blocked? – ifaour Mar 22 '11 at 9:45
I'm noting the same trouble over here on my own new setup. Clicking it once shows an updated count, then, in a moment or so, it resets to the previous count (in this case, zero). – Jonathan Wold Aug 14 '11 at 18:10

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First, for the count to work correctly, Facebook needs to have access to the page (in other words a public page). Check your URL in the linter tool ( to ensure it can been seen by Facebook.

Secondly, ensure your og: tags are correctly setup. Once again, you can use the linter tool to do that.

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Facebook like buttons will show this behavior until they have been scraped by Facebook. That scraping (facebook like docs) will occur every 24 hours, when an admin clicks the like button or the url is put in the url debugger/linter. From what I can tell doing that will solve the problem for that specific link, but not any others you may have on your site.

I don't know of a generic solution for dynamically generated pages unfortunately.

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