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We're starting to develop cross-platform software using Qt and C++. We need to release user documentation with our software, but aren't sure what tool to use to create the user documentation. Our requirements:

  • We expect to create html documentation, and for Windows, probably Windows HTML help (chm).
  • we want context-sensitive help: the user clicks (or does something), and help for that item is displayed.
  • It would be nice if the documentation source is stored as text files, for managing changes and versions with our source control system.
  • Of course, we prefer that the tool be cheap or free.

We are currently looking at Sphynx, but it appears to be geared for developer documentation (especially python code), not user documentation. It may be good enough - still investigating. One thing that would make it easier is if there were a WYSIWYG GUI for creating the documentation.

My question: does a WYSIWYG GUI exist for Sphynx? Or, do you suggest we use a different tool?

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I have happy memories of a docbook toolchain. As a programmer it was great just typing the xml directly (YMMV!). Worked really well with source control, pre-processing, boiler-plate text. Output in html, pdf, chm, word etc. looked really good.

Contrasts with another project that had professional writers. They could not write anything unless they could see the final output instantly. The use of Framemaker stopped many small tweaks being added. Final quality wasn't great (form over function: looked OK but text wasn't up to much).

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We have had pretty decent success with doxygen, you can write decent content only pages, but it might not be as comfortable as you would like.

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