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What options do I have in managing the code release of 2 features A & B, both of which:

  • have to be worked on now in order to meet a deadline
  • cross over in the client/server and database
  • have different delivery dates months apart (A before B)
  • have UI features

At some point both features will live in the same product.

Ideally I'd like to not deploy features of B to live when they are not needed.

I could branch the source, but having open branches where the code crosses over concerns me as this will be potentially for up to 6 months making merging difficult.

Aside from branching what alternatives are there?

Any advice appreciated

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If the release dates are months apart, start with assigning the maximum number of effective resources to A, without starting on B at all. Start B after the release of A.

Alternatively, spend some time up-front to make sure the structure of your code allows A and B to be developed in parallel but quite independent from each other - i.e. the files that B touches are not (or less) involved in the files that A touches - this will reduce the impact of one upon the other and make it easier to merge or deliver separately.

Don't be too afraid of merges either - in many version control systems (Subversion and Mercurial are ones I have experience with) they are actually surprisingly easy.

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Thanks - PM is assigning resources to both A & B now so both must start. Merging tools have improved, but you always find someone has refactored/moved source code with open branches causing a headache. – JamesC Mar 21 '11 at 16:19
It sounds to me like you think starting A and B together is a bad idea technically. If that's true, convince the PM to split the two. The project is going to end up a trainwreck if you are correct. – Joris Timmermans Mar 21 '11 at 16:28

You could also consider using feature flags and turning feature B "off" until it's delivery date. Flickr does this pretty effectively. It's not easy, but once you get it right, it beats having to do merges!

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