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HI, I have a windows report. I am passing into textbox in report(rdlc) multi value address. and the exported PDF I receive text slightly distorted.


ReportParameter Address = new ReportParameter("Address", 
                          new string[] { 
                              "Mickey Mouse\r\n", 
                              "Flat No. 0\r\n", 
                              "18 Adress\r\n", 
                              "United Kingdom\r\n", 
                              "A12 234L" });

However, after exporting the file into PDF i receive the text slightly distorted.

I got it formated as follows:

Mickey Mouse
 Flat No. 0
 18 Adress
 United Kingdom
 A12 234L

Any ideas why is that?

The textbox definition is:

<Textbox Name="Adress">
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stoped to using text box and used table instead, and i have no problem with formating any more

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