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i'm new to Python and Pylons and want to know how it is possible to cancle the start routin of the pylons app.

I found the middleware and want to do something like this:

    if error:

But this brings me a 500 internal Server Error Message if error is true instead of a 404 Not Found Message.

Could anyone tell me how i can interupt start routin of pylons?

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Try adding a message in the call:

abort(404,"404 Not Found");

As well, you can customize the error documents. See:

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this brings me the same result as if i just do a abort(404) and i also don't want to custimze error messages. I want to stop/leave the make_app def in the so the pylons app doesn't show up in the browser because error is true in my case. – Nico Mar 21 '11 at 16:22

The problem is with the condition not abort.

Try this way:

def test(self):
  username = ''
  if not username:
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