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I have auto complete turned on in my .cshrc:

    set autolist
    set correct=cmd
    set complete=enhance

works pretty nicely, except when it comes to case.

I have a directory that contains these files:

ToolConfig.pm*      ToolConfig.pm_bak*  Toolconfig_init.pm* 
ToolConfig.pm.orig* ToolConfig.pm~*

At the prompt, I type, "tool -tab-" and it gives me: Toolconfig

ok. I then type ".pm", yielding Toolconfig.pm

at this point, it sure would be nice to hit -tab- again and have it finish the job by making upcasing the 'c'. I have a complete filename, sure there are additional possibilities, but for the current sting, I have to move the cursor back to do it myself.

Kinda negates some of the utility of completion.

Surely, I am not along in this frustration. There must be some special sauce to fix this.

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If you remove the 'set complete=enhance" you'll get a case-sensitive Tab completion, so that typing "T[tab]" expands to "Tool" at which point you can choose an upper- or lower-case 'c'.

In order to see the change, you'll have to unset 'complete' or logout and login.

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I know it probably not the answer you wanted, but bash is better at this. With set completion-ignore-case on it does what you want.

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