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I have a calendar feed (.ics) available from my application, but it's quite large since it includes over 4,000 events. Is there a standard or best practice when it comes to specifying how many events get downloaded or how far back or forward the calendar should go?

My main question though, is how to configure or set an update limit on the calendar so say a user is subscribing to the calendar using Outlook that it's only updated every few hours. I currently have my feed cached for a few hours, but if I could have Outlook or whatever client the user is using only check for updates every few hours that would be ideal.

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To only check for updates hourly (for example) use this in your VCALENDAR file:


I gleaned this information from one of the Microsoft Protocol documents [MS-OXCICAL]: iCalendar to Appointment Object Conversion Protocol Specification (download the linked PDF)

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Please note that the 'Send/receive all' option in Outlook respects the X-PUBLISHED-TTL header. When this header is set to for example 1 hour, clicking 'Send/receive all' does not trigger a refresh of the iCalendar feed when it was downloaded less than an hour ago. –  marcok Jun 27 '13 at 11:59

A new REFRESH-INTERVAL property has been proposed in this draft RFC.


However, this is still just a proposal that is not supported by any clients AFAIK.

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