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What is the easiest, simplest way to select the max of a column from a table using Zend_Db_Table? Basically, I just want to run this query in Zend:

SELECT MAX(id) AS maxID FROM myTable;
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You need to use Zend_Db_Expr to use mysql functions:

return $this->fetchAll(
                ->from($this, array(new Zend_Db_Expr('max(id) as maxId')))
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You can run direct sql, using $db->query(); yours would simply be:

$db->query("SELECT MAX(id) AS maxID FROM myTable");

but if you want the object notation, then you'd do something like this:

$db->select()->from("myTable", array(new Zend_Db_Expr("MAX(id) AS maxID")));
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Another way is like this :

$select=new Zend_Db_Select($db);

If You do it like this , you can edit it later easier!!!

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