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I am trying to access instagrams API with FLash, I keep getting a "Security sandbox violation: cannot load data from https://api.instagram.com/v1/media/popular?client_id=...etc" but it works in the IDE. It is loading the cross domain policy file from https://api.instagram.com/crossdomain.xml and I have security allow api.instagram.com in the swf. Any thoughts? Am I stuck using a backend proxy?

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Make sure you're using :


Possibly try swapping out the https with http? Probably not the right solution.

Otherwise, yes, try the proxy back-end solution.

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I've encounered the same problem while trying to access Instagram API from as3 application located on the remote server. I've tried something like http://my-secret-domain.com/app and got the exception.

The solution was to access my app through https, exactly like the app accesses the Instagram API. The only thing I didnt get is why the Flash Player cares about https for request that is made after the app was loaded to local mashine using http.

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