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I have a report viewer report (rldc) which consists of a header, footer and detail. The header is ~ 4" high and prints on the first page only.

The detail section is a sub report that can be any number of lines.

The footer section is ~3" high and appears only on the last page of the report.

What im trying to achieve is a margin from the top of the page on any extra pages that are printed with detail rows. The reports are printed on headed paper which is why I leave the 4" gap on the first page. When printing the additional detail pages the main report header is not taken into account ( as it only prints on the first page ). I have tried setting the margin for the detail report to a few cm and adding a header to the detail sub report but neither have seem to had an effect.

Anyone else come up against this?

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Using Crystal Reports instead as its easier to change this kind of thing

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Why was this downvoted? Its an answer to my own question as no-one else could provide one. As I always try to accept an answer on all my questions this is was the only option. Its also rude to down vote and not leave a reason –  WraithNath Jan 24 '12 at 10:03
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