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I am testing Script# and its manual tells me that it has a "Release" mode, where the code is minified for performance. But I couldn't find how to enter this mode. Anyone knows?

Update BenS has found a command line solution. I wonder if there is a graphical solution, preferably integrated with Visual Studio.

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If a such a GUI feature exists it is undocumented. You should be able to set what compiler options are used within VS. Probably somewhere in the project build properties. –  Benoit Mar 4 '09 at 15:02

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From Script#'s author, Nikhil Kothari's Script# Intro:

The compiler has the notion of debug and release builds.

ssc /ref:sscorlib.dll /ref:Script.ScriptFX.Core.dll /minimize /out:HelloWorld.js HelloWorld.cs

Running the compiler without /debug and with /minimize produces a release build.

From the Script# Manual on page 8:

The resulting Web site structure looks like the following (as shown in the screenshot of the solution explorer below) with Script# assemblies present in the Bin\Script folder and the corresponding debug and release script files within the App_Scripts folder.

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