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QUESTION: Why does the debugger show "directagents\a\aanodide" instead of the value of the verbatim string @"directagents\aanodide".

UPDATE This seems to be a ReSharper quirk. To Reproduce:

  1. Enter a literal string with a "\a" in it.
  2. Apply the refactor "Change to Verbatim Sring"
    • "\a" becomes invisible in th verbatim string
    • "\a" is not really gone.

More evidence from immediate window showing Hand Typed VS. Copy/Paste. enter image description here

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The debugger doesn't know that you use the compiler verbatim style to create the string. It just displays the string using the most common representation which isn't verbatim.

A verbatim string, besides accepting new line, also doesn't recognizes escape sequences so \a which is a bell character ends up as two characters in one case and as one character when not using the verbatim style.

You can lookup the reference for C# string literals here.

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This is not my experience (visual studio 2010, .NET 4) –  Matt Ellen Mar 21 '11 at 18:20
I think Matt is right - I retyped the line of code and it gave me a different result, which made me realize the bell character had gotten hidden in the string by the ReSharper refactor... I should also say "thanks" for making me think about the fact that the \a was a bell char :) –  Aaron Anodide Mar 21 '11 at 19:09

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