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I have a clone of my repo that is a few days old. I have done a git pull to update it, but when I run git log, I don't see any of the new log entries that I see in a brand new clone. I am trying to figure out what has changed between nightly builds by using the existing clone, but the log since= isn't showing me any changes because the log doesn't seem to get updated with a git pull or a git submodule update either. Any ideas? Thanks

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What's the git branch -avv output for both the old and new clones? –  Ilkka Mar 21 '11 at 19:56

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git log shows the log from the current HEAD. If you are on some branch that is not master, your pull may not be updating the branch. You would have seen some message about being unable to merge.

Try git checkout master followed by git pull and then git log.

You could also try git log origin/master which will show you the log going backwards from your upstream clone source.

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See what is pulled down in terms of any branches with

git branch -r

then pick the ones you want to see in the log command:

git log origin/branch1 origin/branch2
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