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Is there any way I can check (not force) if a given method or property getter is being inlined in a release build?

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No - because it doesn't happen at build time; it happens at JIT time. The C# compiler won't perform any inlining; it's up to the CLR that the code ends up running on.

You can discover this using cordbg with all JIT optimizations turned on, but you'll need to dig through the assembly code. I don't know of any way of discovering this within code. (It's possible you could do so with the debugger API, although that may well disable some inlining to start with.)

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They're never inlined by the C# compiler. Only const fields are.

You can take a look at the C# compiler optimizations here.

You can make sure that a method or property accessor is never inlined with this attribute applied to it:

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You'd have to look at the machine code. Set a breakpoint on method call and when it hits, right-click and choose Go To Assembly. If you don't see the CALL statement then it got inlined. You'll have to be up to speed a little on reading machine code to be really sure though, you might see a call that was in the inlined method.

To make this accurate, you'll have to use Tools + Options, Debugging, General, untick "Suppress JIT optimization on module load". Which ensures the jitter behaves as it does without the debugger, methods won't be inlined when the optimizer is turned off.

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Add code within the method body to examine the stack trace using StackFrame. In my experience, inlined methods are excluded from this stack trace.

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