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I have a current process that exists in 2 MS Access databases that exports a text file. This process takes place twice during the day, once during a automated process that triggers at a set time and the second is triggered by a user on the front-end of the application.

This is identical in both databases and now we are rewriting this application to a SQL server backend, c# winforms front-end. Ideally I want the code to perform this export in one place so if I have to make a change I am only changing it once.

The new version of this is to use SSIS packages to call stored procedures for the morning auto process and then have a front-end call to the same process.

Is there a way to export data to a text file from a stored procedure?


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If you don't want to use SSIS, then the methods outlined by Phil Factor may be of use:


That said, it is probably easier to use SSIS to export by using a Flat File as the destination for your Data Flow Task.

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thanks for the links –  bluefeet Mar 21 '11 at 20:57

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