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I'm making a thesis on Drools. But I have no idea on the workloard learning Drools. Could someone give a number from 1 to 10 on Expert, Flow, Fusion and Guvnor. I just have to test the technique on a simple Java example. thanks, Els

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Sounds like you only need Expert if your doing a simple Java example.

If I would gives scores to the modules I would say:

  • Expert 8
  • Fusion 1
  • Flow 3
  • Guvnor 4

Now how long does 8 take? I don't know depends what your background is :) This is an estimate, but gives you some idea. Expert is the first step and will take the most time. After that Fusion is a fast one. Flow and Guvnor can take longer.

I suggest that you read the drools manual parts for Introduction and Expert and download the Drools code examples from the Drools website. Expert docs explain some of the examples. Play with the examples, break them, add new features and you will see how Drools works.

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Expert requires nothing. Fusion requires Expert. Flow (= jBPM 5 now) requires nothing. Guvnor requires Expert. Planner requires Expert. –  Geoffrey De Smet Mar 22 '11 at 8:35

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