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I have two System.Data.Linq.DataContext instances of same type. There is a table Table1 in DataContext. I add an object in first DataContext instance to the Table1 using the InsertOnSubmit method and I call SubmitChanges in second instance.

Will the object be inserted?

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No. The SubmitChanges call only looks at the changes logged in the current context. It will not know about changes in a different data context and won't submit them. There are some things you can do that would make it appear so (like adding the object to a collection in on an object in the submitted context), but if they are truly independent, then it won't work.

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Short answer: no.

My recommendation is to follow the repository pattern, which declares a single instance of the data context at the class level. Scott Gu's NerdDinner, although it applies specifically to ASP.NET MVC, still has some good insight on how to build a data model using this pattern:

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