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I am doing some maintenance work on an existing VB.Net(3.5) app. This app opens a window and inside this window I have embedded a WPF User Control that I put together. I created a public delegate sub and a public event for the delegate. I also created the sub that does the logic for the even on the WPF UI. The issue I am having is that when running the app and I am inside the actual sub on the WPF control, the event that gets called from the sub is null. I check for it at runtime like the coding standards say I should, keeping threads clean.., by throwing it into a local variable, but the issue is the sub never gets registered, its null. I wrote the WPF Control in C#, easier w/WPF (3.5), and the form where the control is embedded is in VB (3.5). Is that why they can't see each other? Please help me... I am stuck.


public delegate void MyCheckHandler(object sender, MovieEventArgs args);
public event MyCheckHandler chkSelect_Check;

private void chkSelect_Checked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            string lsUrl;
            var checkBox = (CheckBox)sender;
            lsUrl = checkBox.Content.ToString().Trim();
            MovieEventArgs retvals = new MovieEventArgs("chk", lsUrl, "poster");
            MyCheckHandler temp = chkSelect_Check;            
            if (temp != null)
                temp(this, retvals);


On the VB form I try to reference the event from WPF by:

myControl = New TheMovieDBTestApp.MovieControl
            AddHandler myControl.chkSelect_Check, AddressOf Check

Private Sub Check(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As TheMovieDBTestApp.MovieEventArgs)
    Dim url As String = e.Url.Trim
        'some vb Code

    End Try

End Sub

When I run the debugger the if (temp != null) is always null. Can someone help me out, I have tried more tutorials and blogs and everything I see says this will work... help?



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