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I am rotating a view using src.transform = CGAffineTransformMakeRotation(M_PI/2);, it is working well but I am still seeing the old position of the view (like that: http://cl.ly/233y403c2C1C451r1f28).

How can I refresh the view ? The view is in a UITableViewCell, I tried to refresh the row of the cell or even the tableview but it doesn't work.

Here is my drawRect method :

  if (nil != _image) {
    [_image drawInRect:rect contentMode:self.contentMode];
  } else {
    [_defaultImage drawInRect:rect contentMode:self.contentMode];

The view that I am rotating is embedded in a UIImageView which is part of the cell.

Thanks, Martin

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Could you post your drawRect method? And say how the view is organised in the cell, i.e. are you subclassing UITableViewCell or presenting a view which can be rotated as the contentView or something else? –  Adam Eberbach Mar 21 '11 at 21:23
@Adam Eberbach - I just edited my post and added what you wanted! Thanks for helping –  MartinMoizard Mar 21 '11 at 21:34
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It sounds like you might have two copies of your image view there. When you rotate the top one, the bottom one is exposed.

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What is the background colour of the UIView you're overriding drawRect in? Before drawRect is called, the background colour is applied to the context. Ensure you have a background colour set (i.e. not set to [UIColor clearColor], for example).

Also, what's the opaque property of your UIView set to?

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If figured it out. I was trying to rotate the image while I was downloading it. When I rotate it from a delegate callback that is call when the image is loaded everything works fine.
All of that makes perfect sense !

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