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Is there an event that tells me when the user has stopped resizing by letting go of the mouse button? I'm looking at $(window).resize, and it's firing for every pixel movement. I just need to know when they've stopped.

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no, but you can defer the event handler if you want:

function onResize(){ ... }

var timer;
$(window).bind('resize', function(){
   timer && clearTimeout(timer);
   timer = setTimeout(onResize, 100);

this will make it fire after the user has stopped resizing for 100ms.

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OOhhhh. JavaScript - you're so tricky. –  Phillip Mar 21 '11 at 21:52

You can try this :

function rsizeItems() 
{ }

var tOut = false;
var milSec = 500;
 if(tOut !== false)
 tOut = setTimeout(rsizeItems, milSec);
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Oh, I'm glad you indented your code. I almost got caught by the missing { in your if stmt. #stillanoob –  Phillip Mar 22 '11 at 18:28

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