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salut, j'ai installé bada sdk et j'ai essayé de compiler un programme hello word mais ça marche pas.toujours le même problème lors de l'éxécution "Launch Failed. Binary Not Found".j'ai installé le compilateur c++ sous windows MinGW et le problème persiste toujours!! quel qu'un peut m'aider:)

Hi, I installed BADA SDK and I tried to compile a "hello world" program but it doesn't work. Every time the problem is "Launch failed. Binary Not Found". I installed the C++ compiler under MinGW and the problem still exists. Can somebody help please :)

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Seems to be a typical problem of Eclipse users. See here for the discussion on what you could do. The first thing to try is to BUILD your application. There should be a button.

PS: I hope you can read english.

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(moved from comment to answer)

is your current directory in your PATH? This is OS dependent, but should be something like export PATH=$PATH:. (Note that I still like my answer, even after the translation)

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